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MANY PEOPLE are operating without a vision or sense of purpose today, or with an unclear personal direction.  

And it seems they'd really like some help with that.

Most of my working life has been spent helping others find direction and inspiration, uncover their dreams and grow their confidence to reach new goals.

My main online course - the 10-day Vision & Purpose course - provides opportunities for self-discovery and the growth of your dreams.

My "How to grow your Facebook page" course has emerged from receiving so many questions and requests for help from new page owners, that it just seemed easier to package pretty much everything I can tell you into one online course.

You’ll receive a daily email with blogs, vlogs, posts and other links, with an exclusive and private Facebook group page to meet and chat with other participants and with me. (Participating in the group is recommended but voluntary.)

You will have daily reading, thinking, creating and writing exercises to complete (which you can share if you choose to), and these will take from half an hour to as many hours as you might wish to devote to it. Some people will be natural writers, artists and/or sharers, and the extent and manner of your sharing will be entirely up to you. Whether you choose to share or not, or even complete the exercises, there will be plenty for you to think about and enjoy.

For the Facebook course, all of the material will be immediately available so you can pick and choose the areas you most want to concentrate on and/or you can take the whole lot in one bit hit.

Living a Life of Purpose - Basic 'Price for Good'
Lifetime access to course | membership of exclusive Facebook group | occasional free online webinars from Sue | A nutritious school lunch for 3 children living in an Indian slum.
Price: $49.00


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